HR & Labor Services

Let us take care of all your HR procedures at affordable, scalable prices, depending on your business size and needs. 

HR・Labor /Social Insurance Procedures and Enrollment 

Japanese Social Insurance・Labor Insurance procedures can be time consuming and complex. Social Insurance (社会保険-shakai-hoken) can include payments into health Insurance, Pension, Nursing, & Child care benefits.
Health and pension are paid both by the employer and employee. Child care is only paid by the company, and health nursing insurance is paid by the employer and employee in the case the employee is between 40 to 65 years old. 

 Labor Insurance (労働保険 -roudo-hoken) separate from social insurance, consists of unemployment insurance and workers accident compensation insurance. Labor insurance is not applicable to directors of the company. Labor insurance premiums are paid annually in advance by the company before July 10th for the current period from April to March. They are based on the labor insurance premium annual report.

We have certified social insurance and labor insurance specialists who  offer a range of services that will ensure your business runs smoothly and is compliant to the above Japanese labor regulations. Contact us for a free initial consultation. 

Payroll Calculations・Diligence Control・Payslips  

Payroll in Japan can become complex with calculations including regulations in the Japanese labor standards act, labor and social insurance deductions,  witholding income tax and constant revisions in Japanese labor regulations.   These procedures can be time consuming and costly for businesses.  Outsourcing these functions not only lessens the burden of this procedure but allows for experts to assess your business and make possible reductions in premiums. 

Subsidies & Grants

Subsidies & Grants occur no interest cost and are a useful benefit for businesses. nbsp;Every year the Ministry of Health , Labour & Welfare issue several subsidies, however the majority of people are unaware of these subsidies and do not take advantage of them.  In addition, because many of these applications require submission of plans and authorization,  the paperwork and scheduling involved to apply for such subsides also makes it difficult to recieve payment from these grants.

Shiodome Partners will fully support your enrollment and application for these grants and consistently introduce you to these beneficial subsidies.  We will see if you are eligible for these services in our free initial consultation.

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About Shiodome Partners Group

Based in the central business district of Tokyo`s Shimbashi area, Shiodome Partners Group is a group of professional services firms specialized in business set up services (Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Law firm), Certified Public Tax Accounting (Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation), Corporate and Individual Legal Services (Shiodome Partners Law Firm), HR Consulting (Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consulting Firm) and Marine Procedures (Shiodome Sea Agency Office).  By integrating our people and business functions, we offer our clients comprehensive one-stop business services.

In addition to Japanese, we have English and Mandarin speaking staff to help you with a range of services in establishment, visa procedures, accounting, tax, payroll, social insurance, legal consultations, and labor consultations and recruiting.  Contact us today for a free initial  consultation. 
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