Shiodome Partners、Shiodome
Partners Tax Corporation、Shiodome Partners Law Firm、Shiodome Partners
Social Insurance & Labor Office, and Shiodome Partners
Administrative Scrivener Office(Hereinafter referred to as “the
group”)and all of the group`s officers, employees and trade officials
make a commitment to the proper handling and protection of our client`s
personal information.   The Group, in order to comply with laws
and regulations for the protection of personal information, have
established a privacy policy as published below.

Privacy Policy Management
In addition to
the  compliance to laws and regulations for the protection of
personal information, the group has established a system for the
protection of personal information in accordance with each separate
group entity.  

Obtaining of Personal Information
The obtaining
of personal information will be gathered in accordance to proper laws
and regulations and will only be gathered for the purposes as outlined

Usage of Personal Information
The purpose for
usage of personal information will be stated in advance, and will not
be used for other purposes outside of the stated reasons.   In
addition, if there are further restrictions and rules of usage in
Japanese laws and ordinances beyond the scope of this privacy policy,
the group is to comply with these regulations. The stated usage of
personal information is as follows:
 ・Communication in order to provide services
 ・Carrying out of contract obligations  (Information・Services fulfillment etc)
 ・Information handled within the group・Information related to services provided
 ・To contact clients about for the groups upcoming seminars・ lectures 

Control of Personal Information
The group will
ensure preventative measures of private information loss, misuse,
alteration, unauthorized access, virus infection etc.   The
persons employed who will handle personal information will also be
managed in adherence to privacy protection policies.  

Personal Information Disclosure
Unless requested
by legal authorities, or agreed to by the client, personal information
will not be disclosed to third parties. 

Continuous Improvement
The group is committed to continuous improvement of personal information management and protection measures.

Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, Deletion
if is the request of the client for disclosure, correction, or deletion
of his/her personal information, upon confirmation of the clients
identity we will fulfill the clients request.

For any inquiries on the privacy policies of our group please call us at Tel:03-6228-5505

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About Shiodome Partners Group

Based in the central business district of Tokyo`s Shimbashi area, Shiodome Partners Group is a group of professional services firms specialized in business set up services (Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Law firm), Certified Public Tax Accounting (Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation), Corporate and Individual Legal Services (Shiodome Partners Law Firm), HR Consulting (Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consulting Firm) and Marine Procedures (Shiodome Sea Agency Office).  By integrating our people and business functions, we offer our clients comprehensive one-stop business services.

In addition to Japanese, we have English and Mandarin speaking staff to help you with a range of services in establishment, visa procedures, accounting, tax, payroll, social insurance, legal consultations, and labor consultations and recruiting.  Contact us today for a free initial  consultation. 
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